Meet The Chiropractors

Dr David Tennison D.C

GCC Registered Member of United Chiropractic Association

David’s path to chiropractic was unusual to say the least! As a former Royal Marine commando serving operationally in Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Ireland, David learnt the importance of using inner resources and the mind to get the best performance from himself and those around him.

After leaving Her Majesty’s Royal Marine Command for civilian life, David began taking a keen interest in biomechanics, posture and core fitness.  During this time he began training a consultant rheumatologist, who quickly discovered David’s natural talent for spotting postural abnormalities and correcting them, and so began referring her patients to him.

This lead to working within the NHS as an Exercise Referral Specialist, which involved coaching patients on lifestyle and working closely with GP’s.  This lead on to discovering chiropractic!

David entered the chiropractic profession with a desire to change lives in a meaningful way and set about learning  a variety of techniques and lifestyle modifications to share with his patients, and continues to attend chiropractic conferences and seminars to discover new developments in this field.

There is no patient that would not benefit from working with David to improve any aspect of their  spine and health in general, since the nervous system is housed in the moving bones of the spinal column and controls and coordinates virtually every cell, tissue, muscle, gland, organ and system of the entire body!

Knowledge, life experience and clinical practice has shaped David into the chiropractor we experience today, providing life changing chiropractic care and sharing powerful strategies for long term change and happiness.

David is a blue belt in Brazilian Jujitsu under Ivam Marcel and competes regularly and also enjoys watching a good game of rugby!  He is also a keen chess player and is fond of the Sicilian defence.

David found that helping others brings a certain vitality into his life and from this experience he began a life-long love affair with the natural healing art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic –  changing lives in an extraordinary way.


Anne Carbonnel DC

GCC Registered Member of United Chiropractic Association


It is often through personal experience that someone finds chiropractic as a career, and Anne was no exception!

During her “growing years” Anne experienced severe back pain which did not seem to respond to the standard remedies and treatments and as a result, an enlightened family friend recommended that she see a chiropractor!

This was the beginning of a life-long fascination with the human body and the nervous system, which set Anne on the career path to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic

It was during the time of her own healing experience with chiropractic, that Anne noticed how being free of daily pain changed her life, and a desire to change other people’s lives using a drug free approach  became her passion.

From these early experiences, Anne went on to study at the Institut Franco Europeen de Chiropratique in Paris where she expanded her knowledge further in the science, art, and philosophy  of Chiropractic.

The human body with all its functions and how it works together through innate intelligence is endlessly fascinating, and to feed this ongoing passion, Anne frequently attends  post graduate courses and seminars to increase her knowledge and discover advances in the field of Functional Neurology, which involves the brain, spine and nervous system.

Anne’s cheerful, caring and unassuming nature hides an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated practitioner who is at home with people from all walks of life.

Chiropractic is much more than a back and neck pain solution.  It is a lifestyle which many enlightened people enjoy and is the third largest health care profession in the world, and is rapidly growing as people discover the secret to true health is a fully functioning nervous system.

It does seem strange that Socrates, who was born in 469 BC also knew this secret and said “if you would seek health, look first to the spine” but it seems his advice has mostly been ignored!

Travelling, reading, playing squash and relaxing with pilates are Anne’s favourite recreations.